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“Life is too short to wear boring jewellery” – Anonymous

We are indeed creatures of habit. We are used to dressing up for occasions, presenting ourselves in a perfect aura, and always sure to place our best foot forward. So it makes sense when you see people dazzling the audience with their glamour, their style, their attire and those priceless trinkets we called jewellery. And that is the true urban joire de vivre. And when it comes to genuine diamonds & jewellery, Americans quality seems to be matchless. Jevelen is one such incredible startup that creates, designs and markets high-class American diamond and rhodium jewellery.

It’s founder, Abhishek Sehgal, when asked about how it all began said, “I have been in Love with Designing since my Childhood, and now grace of god i converted it into a profession. After Completing my 12th Education I went to Sydney, Australia to find work opportunities, after reaching over there I didn’t got a good job even worked in Agriculture farm lands for few months later on I again tried my luck and being creative I got a job in Jewellery Workshop where I learned how to play with gems & diamonds. I loved this job. I was able to create, design and make jewellery for the workshop. I was the best worker among others, but I found that my salary was not sufficient, nor deserving of the achievement and skill I possessed. So, after a few months I founded my own brand Jevelen ,where I started designing & marketing my own products in Australia. They were all self-funded without any much back-up or support. Thereafter I began doing brand promotions globally and in my own country India.”


Abhishek Sehgal Founder, was born into a Business family Background. He has always been interested in starting up or initiating something of his own creativity. The company still has a long way to go but it has definitely started on a high and moves continually from strength to strength.


After setting up successful business globally, now they have brought Jevelen to India. They plan on opening 50+ Franchise Outlets Across PAN India. They also plan on setting up jewellery workshops here in many parts of India, which will create opportunities of employment for the people. As an added incentive for their present accolade and acclaim, they have even donated 10% of their monthly profit to charity for the cause of child education, old-age homes, widows, animal feeding & for orphanages.

When Abhishek was asked regarding how they managed to tackle all the frustrations, irritations and those sleepless nights at the initial level and how they eventually overcame them, here’s what he said, “I read somewhere Rome wasn’t built in a day. I dreamt of creating a beautiful jewellery brand. And of course I did face many difficult challenges and have had many sleepless nights, because creating something big is not an easy job. I worked 16 hours a day and was completely dedicated towards my work. I overcame my irritation by working out in the gym and sought out meditation to divert my mind 3 times a week. This more than anything else gave me ample relaxation.”


With a present strength of 33 employees, everyone at Jevelen follows a strict but pleasing work culture. They work like a family and have a totally cohesive work atmosphere. Once a month they even have outings and parties just to relieve the regular office stress.

Being a self-funded venture, Abhishek’s inspiring lesson throughout this journey with Jevelen could be surmised as, “If You want to Conquer you don’t need to be ready You need to take Action.” He’s also someone who’s appreciative of out of the box thinkers and wants dedicated and creative persons to join his venture.

Concluding this inspiring and diamond studded tale of Jevelen with the words of their founder himself, Abhishek Shegal, “We Learn From Failure, Not from Success, Never Give Up.”

Source: MyStartupStory

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